Our Software-as-a-Service Approach

Part of making our services affordable is our Software-as-a-Service offering, which allows our partners to integrate and use our fully customized platform in a short timeframe and keep upfront and maintenance costs low.

Our platform allows insurers to fully automate the distribution, servicing and claims process, offering targeted and personalized campaign management. 

The platform can be customized to different needs and integrated with existing systems from day one – keeping initial investments low and delivering value for money from the get go.

Partners do not have to worry about training their staff, data backups or system upgrades as these are fully managed by Democrance. We work with some of the most established insurance companies in the industry, and we understand the need for data security well. All our data sits with the most reputable cloud hosting providers in the world and can be deployed locally. 

Our platform is all inclusive and versatile – allowing us to work with any insurance product or distribution channel.