The Mobile Solution:

How we create value for business & society

At the core of Democrance’s offering lie the mutually beneficial partnerships we create between insurance and telecommunications companies: by bringing together two unlikely partners, we unlock new markets for insurers, while offering telecommunications companies a way to increase customer loyalty, differentiate their services and contribute to the economic development of societies.

Above all, our Insurance Technology solutions enable our partners to create real value for those populations who were previously excluded from the benefits of insurance, improving countless lives in the process.

We believe that the mobile phone is the key solution to reach vast new and previously untapped populations.

Through the use of technology, we aim to reduce the distribution and operational costs of the insurance value chain while simultaneously opening up new revenue and distribution channels for our partners.

For insurers
For mobile operators

For Insurers

Democrance helps insurers tap into new customers segments by offering cutting-edge Insurance Technology solutions and project management tailored to the needs of the historically under-served customers.

Why team up with mobile operators?

  • Push existing products to new customers

    access to large concentration of new customers

  • Acquisition strategy

    tap up-sell potential as these segments move up the economic ladder

  • Alternative payment mechanisms

    use airtime, mobile money or loyalty wallets for premium collection

  • Multi-purpose platform

    leverage on Democrance’s proprietary mobile InsurTech platform for sales, premium collection & claims management

  • Mobile-first, digital-only

    Democrance’s platform enables insurers to access customers via their mobile phone and administer insurance policies via a fully digital and automatized platform without impacting their core systems


For Mobile Operators

Democrance aims to help mobile network operators increase loyalty and revenues from new and existing customers by offering unique insurance programs that do good for their own customers.

Why team up with insurance providers?

  • Boost in acquisition and retention strategy

    insurance offerings for new and existing customers to differentiate versus competition

  • Increase in Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

    incentivize customers to top up more and frequently in order to keep the insurance policy active

  • Churn reduction

    retain customers by offering an additional incentive to stick to existing operator

  • Increase in customer engagement

    link billing mechanism to core revenue strategy (airtime, mobile money or loyalty wallets)

  • Revenue diversification

    gain and retain stable and strong revenue streams from insurance sales