Keith Franklin

Lead Software Architect

Keith is the Lead Software Architect at Democrance.

In his role, he works closely with the technical team, providing guidance, oversight and quality control management. Drawing on more than fifteen years of technical experience, he applies a particular focus to improving the stability and usability of the Democrance platform for both business and customer users.

Before joining Democrance, Keith worked as a software developer at Tauri-Tec, a boutique software company based in the UK as well as the University of Kent. In these roles he, developed a variety of solutions including mobile phone games, psychological experiments, infrastructure management tools and web based applications. A versatile professional, he has used a range of technologies such as Python, PHP, Java (J2ME & J2EE), C#, Flex in his work.

Keith holds a PhD in Data Visualisation and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Kent.