Why Democrance

Democrance creates value by fully digitizing and automating the entire value chain of insurance– from sales to claims management: customers can purchase an insurance product using their phone, while insurance companies can manage the policies through the platform’s back end with minimum effort .

To do this, we bring together two unlikely partners: we unlock new markets for insurers, while offering distribution and channel partners (agents and brokers, financial institutions, telcos, money transfers, digital wallets, super apps…) a way to increase customer loyalty and differentiate their services .

Distribution and channel partners already have the right distribution network to interact with our audiences, while insurance companies can adapt and create bespoke products for them, bringing a strong differentiator to service providers focused on retaining customer loyalty .

For Insurers
For Mobile Operators and Channel Partners

For Insurers

Democrance helps insurers increase sales and tap into new customers segments through its technology platform by:

  • Providing fast, secure solutions without long and expensive integration processes:

    we provide simple and quick integration with legacy back end-systems, resulting in increased sales capability from day one.

  • Focusing on a mobile-first, digital-only solution:

    Democrance’s platform enables insurers to access customers via their mobile phones and other digital platforms and administer insurance policies via a fully digital and automated platform without impacting their core systems.

  • Tapping into alternative payment mechanisms:

    use airtime, mobile money or loyalty wallets for premium collection for unbanked or digital payments for banked customers.

  • Taking advantage of insurance grade security:

    accepted by major global insurers, our data security and encryption standards are in line with international best practices.

For Distribution and Channel Partners

Democrance helps mobile network operators increase loyalty and revenues from new and existing customers by offering unique insurance programs that do good for their own customers, by:

  • Boosting acquisition and retention strategy:

    the insurance offerings for new and existing customers help set you apart from the competition.

  • Increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU):

    you incentivize customers to top up more and more frequently to keep the insurance policy active.

  • Reducing churn:

    you can retain customers by offering an additional incentive to stick to existing provider.

  • Increasing customer engagement:

    you can link billing mechanisms to core revenue strategy (airtime, mobile money or loyalty wallets).

  • Diversifying revenue:

    gain and retain stable and strong revenue streams from insurance sales.