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We are an insurance technology company with a mission to create partnerships that make insurance accessible for those who need it most but can afford it least.

By harnessing the power of technology and forging unique partnerships, we unlock new markets for businesses, while at the same time creating social value for those populations which have previously been excluded from the benefits and protection insurance can afford.

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a safety net for those who need it most

Insurance is a vital tool to help lift and keep individuals and their families out of poverty, by safeguarding them against existential threats stemming from illness, death or loss of their hard-earned income.

For example, many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals focus on objectives that microinsurance contributes to achieve:


Worldwide insurance penetration stands at 6%, while emerging markets reach only half of that figure. In the MENA region, only 1% of the population can access and afford microinsurance.


Typical reasons include

  • Distribution models
    are too expensive.
    Traditional channels, such as brokers and agents can’t scale effectively to reach vast amounts of the population.
  • Premiums can’t be
    easily collected.
    Less than 20% of the population in the Middle East and Northern Africa has a bank account.
  • Key service differentiators
    do not scale.
    Distribution, customer service, policy and claims administration are key differentiators for insurers yet are not scalable for large numbers.

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