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Our Platform

Boost your sales through any distribution channel. Literally!

Whether you need to embed your products into your distribution partner’s ecosystem, jump-start your direct-to-customer sales or provide your brokers, agents and Banca partners with the right tools to increase your sales, the Democrance platform has your back.

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Embedded Insurance & API Ready

Get closer to your customers and increase your digital sales by easily embedding your insurance products into your distribution partners’ ecosystems using Democrance APIs: Super Apps, Online Aggregators, Mobile Wallets, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), HR Platforms, Retailers, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Governments, you name it…


  • Real-time underwriting
  • Real-time quoting
  • Real-time binding
  • Real-time policy issuance
  • Real-time endorsements
  • Real-time claims (FNOL)

D2C Sales Journey Builder

Increase your direct-to-customer sales by providing a seamless experience to your customers using optimized out-of-the-box journeys for all of your insurance products. Just link the Democrance white-labeled sales journey to your website or marketing campaign’s calls to action and allow your customers to Buy Now.


  • Out-of-the box UX/UI
  • Responsive design
  • Custom logo
  • Custom colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Analytics friendly

Intermediaries Portal

Provide your agents, brokers, Banca partners and any other third parties with tools to make their lives easier and ultimately increase the sales of all your insurance products. All communication between your partners and underwriting teams stays within the Democrance platform for further operational efficiency.


  • Manage quotes
  • Built-in referrals system
  • Adjust rates
  • Manage renewals
  • Upload/Download documentation
  • Manage partners, users & commissions

Customer Portal & Policy Admin

Provide your end customers with a self-service portal to easily manage their active policies and claims end to end, activate or deactivate specific covers, track rewards depending on behavior and lifestyle, and much more. You can also leverage existing customers’ data to offer custom up-sells and cross-sells.


  • Switch covers on/off
  • Buy add-ons
  • Access policy documents
  • Make endorsements
  • Initiate and track claims (FNOL)
  • Renew policies

Insurance Product Agnostic

Save on technology costs by configuring and distributing any type of insurance product using the Democrance platform across all lines of business. From very simple pre-underwritten products for individual emerging customers to complex group schemes for your traditional SME customers.


  • Life
  • Health
  • P&C
  • Personal lines
  • Commercial lines
  • Varying degrees of UW

Underwriting & Rating Engines

Increase straight-through processing sales while reducing the cost of referrals by fully automating complex underwriting rules and rating models across all lines of business. You can either configure and automate your own rules into the Democrance platform or connect to an external provider of your choice. Also available out of the box.


  • Increase STP sales
  • Minimize referrals
  • Configure your own UW and rating rules
  • Connect to third parties’ UW and rating engines
  • Historical data feed
  • Third-party data feed

Data Ecosystem in a Box

Gain new insights into your portfolio, improve overall customer experience and increase sales by leveraging out-of-the-box integrations with external sources of data, external underwriting and rating engines, local authorities and a variety of third-party services. Third-party services could include payment gateways, eKYC, AML, SAML, OCR, SMS gateways, or even your existing core systems to manage accounting, reserving or reinsurance.


  • Visual sales dashboards (GWP)
  • Data imports/exports via file or API
  • Third-party data sources integrations
  • Third-party services integrations
  • Insurance core system integrations
  • Custom AI use cases

Providing fast, secure solutions

We provide simple and quick integration with legacy back end-systems, resulting in increased sales capability from day one.