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Transition from Traditional to Digital Insurance

Reduce distribution costs by up to 5x and open doors to untapped segments. Partner with Democrance and offer micro, retail and commercial products across all lines of business, P&C, life and health.

Over 35 Million policies sold through Democrance, 14 countries, 50+ insurance products

Insurers, Imagine deploying new products in weeks, not months, and digitizing manual processes to reach untapped customer segments with ease. Democrance offers you one single platform to manage all of your products, streamlining your insurance operations, reducing distribution costs by 5x on average, and boosting sales by ~28% per year, opening doors to innovative products across all lines of business.


  • Democratizing insurance in over 14 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and beyond.

Trusted by

Tokio Marine

A digital plug-and-play Software-as-a-Service platform that complements your legacy system

Supporting more than 50 Life, P&C and Health products and 35+ million policies to date

Launch digital insurance in just 2-6 weeks with minimal disruption to existing systems. Democrance's omnichannel platform enables you to reach new segments, empower intermediaries, and explore avenues like embedded and micro-insurance. Streamline policy administration and cut distribution costs from 20-30% to 5% of GWP.

API Economy Ready

Easily embed your products into third parties’ ecosystems: Super Apps, Aggregators, Mobile Wallets, Telcos, HR Platforms, Retailers, MTOs, Governments, you name it…

Data Driven

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with external sources of data, local authorities and other third-party services to optimize underwriting and gain new insights into your portfolio.

Product & Journey Builder

Provide a seamless experience for any Life, Health or P&C product across all channels and customer segments, from emerging customers to SMEs.

Underwriting & Rating Engine

Increase straight-through processing sales while reducing referrals by fully automating complex underwriting rules and rating models across all lines of business.

“With Democrance we managed to achieve two goals: first, increasing our efficiency with operations with large schemes and second, managing to offer digital solutions to our customers.”

- Hadil AbdelKader - Head of Distribution, AXA Egypt

Leading Insurance SaaS for Emerging Markets

Cutting-edge SaaS Technology
Self-service Platform with Out-of-the-box Capabilities
3 to 4 Weeks Live to Market with Pre-underwritten Product
Geography Agnostic

Unlocks the insurance potential in the emerging world

Empower Customers with a Smooth Digital Insurance Experience

By allowing digital consumers to buy and use insurance products whenever and wherever they need it

Digital Insurance In a Box

Accelerate time-to-market and introduce new products in weeks with Democrance's scalable, plug-and-play SaaS platform. Streamline administration for insurers and partners, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Achieve Unmatched Efficiency and Profitability

With the ability to go-live in 2 to 6 weeks and at 1/8th of the cost of traditional insurance software solutions

Expand into Untapped Segments and Drive Strategic Market Growth

Break barriers and bridge the gap between traditional and digital insurance with Democrance. Our platform empowers you to reach previously underserved segments through innovative channels and products. Leverage a decade of industry expertise as we guide you to unlock overlooked opportunities and achieve significant expansion.

What customers say about us

"We, at Tokio Marine, believe in technology and the insurance market is changing rapidly through the acceleration of the digital transformation. By partnering with Democrance, this will enable us to evaluate our business model and reach even more customers than ever before."

Tokio Marine - Tsuyoshi Yamasaki, General Manager at Tokio Marine, United Arab Emirates

"Our partnership with Democrance enables us to provide inclusive insurance to those who need it the most across Cambodia, digitally. We are committed to stand by the side of our customers and their loved ones, for life, and make concerted efforts to deliver “peace-of-mind” under our philosophy of Customer First"

- Mah Kin Yoong, Chief Commercial Officer of Dai-ichi Life Cambodia

"Our partnership with Democrance enables us to respond to the needs of Filipinos who want access to easy and affordable insurance protection options, with the comfort of digitally-driven customer experiences where they can transact seamlessly."

- Rahul Hora, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines

Providing fast, secure solutions

We provide simple and quick integration with legacy back end-systems, resulting in increased sales capability from day one.