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Welcome to Democrance

Democrance enables insurers to access new market segments, particularly in emerging and mobile-first markets. With our technology, you can create and enhance digital sales mechanisms, while increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

Our platform digitizes and automates the entire value chain of insurance sales from marketing to claims processing. Large and previously untapped customer bases can now be reached profitably, by allowing low-income, uninsured or under-insured populations to buy, pay for, use and claim for insurance through mobile and other digital channels.

At the same time, other key industries, such as mobile network operators or remittance houses, can connect to the Democrance platform, and deliver insurance protection as a value-added service to their customer base.

Together, we bring the benefits of insurance protection to those who need it most but can afford it least.

  • Boosting growth

  • Increasing traffic

  • Quick market entry

  • Launching new products

One of the top three composite insurers globally launched five different entities on the Democrance platform in the last 12 months, experiencing 205% growth in lives covered month on month.

A top five worldwide P&C insurer hosts 150+ products on the Democrance platform, counting over 2,000 agents and brokers using it every day to increase their efficiency and sales productivity.

With one of the top five largest life insurers in the world we managed to get market-ready to launch the first digital bancassurance solution in the MENA region in 3 weeks.

With the largest health insurer in the UAE, we were able to test and launch new insurance products, increasing their time-to-market by 500% thanks to the Democrance platform.

Who we work with

What customers say about us

HomeDemocrance is a unique partner in our eyes: it is very hard to find partners who bring expertise, but also speak the same language as the insurance industry. Financial services have entered a new era, where client-centricity is finally recognized as the most important differentiator and technology can offer this flexibility customers are looking for. Democrance’s solution allows us to work with different partners and on different platforms, centralizing many of our actions, adding efficiency to our processes and improving the overall insurance value chain. 

Mohamed Seghir, CEO, AXA Green Crescent, UAE

HomeWorking with Democrance, it has been clear that they possess strong industry knowledge, are technically adept, and are very responsive. For us at Daman, we have co-created tailored business solutions when working with them. Throughout the process of working with Democrance, I have particularly enjoyed our brainstorming sessions, in which Democrance has suggested interesting ways for us to deploy different products and solutions on our platform. I would definitely recommend Democrance to my peers in the industry.

Valerie Hawley, Head of Innovation Lab, DAMAN, UAE

HomeSwiss Re’s mission is to close the insurance protection gap. One factor holding back the industry is legacy technology and customer journeys. In our partnership with Democrance, we re-think the insurance value chain to enable new business models and growth areas for our insurance clients. Together, we reach the un- and underinsured through alternative distribution channels. Ultimately, we will contribute to the financial inclusion agenda in the Middle East and beyond.

Mario Wilhelm, Head of Middle East & Africa Public Sector, SwissRe, Switzerland