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Front End Developer

Job: Front End Developer
Duration: Full-time job
Start date: Immediately
Location: Dubai, UAE / KSA Saudi Arabia
Apply: CV and Cover Letter to

About Democrance
Democrance is a SaaS insurance technology company working to make insurance accessible and
affordable to consumers via digital channels.
We have automated the entire value chain of insurance sales from marketing to claims
processing, resulting in a substantial increase in sales efficiency of insurance campaigns,
allowing insurers to reach new market segments at no upfront cost.
We work alongside leading global insurance providers to support their product and process
innovation, in a bid to increase and complement their sales channel performance, enable them
to capture their digitalsavvy customers, while at the same time making insurance accessible
and affordable for those who need it most but can afford it least.
Our digital platform brings together key industries, including insurance and telecommunications
companies as well as organizations which have large and previously untapped customer bases,
allowing uninsured or underinsured populations to buy, pay for, use and claim for insurance
simply using their mobile phone.
We work with 25 insurance companies (of which 3 of the top 10 insurers) across 16 markets in
Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Latin America from our HQ in Dubai,UAE.

Our Technology
Democrance is primarily built on Django and Vue.js, with a celery backend for sending and
processing SMS and other notifications. The application uses a combination of the Django
admin interface and a Vue.js admin area for operations, but has a number of public endpoints
that are used for interfacing with our customers’ front ends. The application has been under
development for around five years, and is reasonably mature, but has plenty of interesting
development work left. Currently we’re running on multiple cloud vendors, use ansible for deploy
orchestration and automation along with gitlab for source control and continuous integration.
Git branches & rebasing are our friends.

About You
We’re looking for someone with experience in creating visual themes by styling around mostly
predefined elements. A good understanding of SCSS or similar and a good eye for detail are
required. The app itself is built on Vue.js, so a familiarity with it or similar frameworks such as
angular or react is also required.
You appreciate the tradeoffs needed for usability versus eye candy, and you are aware of when
it’s appropriate to optimize for mobile screens versus that of a desktop. Writing unit tests for
the frontend is a must, and you are familiar with nightwatch, browserstack and similar tools.
Getting things to work on all browsers is an unwelcome, but necessary part of life. Working with
welldefined API’s makes you happy. You take pride in your own work, and try to ensure you
find any errors before anyone else does.

You are passionate about what you do, energetic and resilient
You enjoy both working independently and as part of highly motivated and
multidisciplinary teams
You have excellent communication skills, documentation is second nature
You are a tech guru but you also enjoy the business side of what you do
You have excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills a passion for root
cause analysis and problem resolution
You are interested in Financial Technology and financial inclusion as a way to improve
living standards of lowerincome communities
You have some startup experience or mentality at least
You like sleeping at night, so your monitoring and automation skills ensure that you do.
English required, Arabic a differentiator, and other languages most welcome!

Position Requirements

BSc in Computer Sciences or related field
Experienced in SCSS
Good understanding of Vue.js or a similar js framework
Knowledge of Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD or similar
Ability to work in a fast development environment and quickly adapt to changes
Git and CI tools are your friends
Some experience with Linux, and working with a Python/Django backend are welcome.
Writing excellent documentation, and ensuring everyone understands it and knows
where it is.
NPM based tooling, such as webpack and unit tests frameworks.

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Providing fast, secure solutions

We provide simple and quick integration with legacy back end-systems, resulting in increased sales capability from day one.