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Senior Back-end Software Engineer

Job: Senior Back-end Software Engineer
Duration: full-time job
Start date: immediately
Location: UAE or KSA
Apply: CV and Cover Letter to

About Democrance

Democrance is an insurance technology company working to make insurance
accessible and affordable to consumers via mobile and digital channels.

We have automated the entire value chain of insurance sales from marketing to
claims processing, resulting in substantial cost savings for insurers and allowing
them to reach new market segments at no upfront cost.

Our digital platform brings together key industries, including insurance and
telecommunications companies as well as organisations which have large and
previously untapped customer bases, allowing low-income, uninsured or under-
insured populations to buy, pay for, use and claim for insurance simply using their
mobile phone.

We work alongside leading global insurance providers to support their product
design and innovation, in a bid to unlock new markets for businesses, while at the
same time making insurance accessible and affordable for those who need it most
but can afford it least.

Our Technology

Democrance is primarily built on Django, with a celery backend for sending and
processing SMS and other notifications. The bulk of the application uses the
Django admin interface (which is currently being migrated to an API + vue.js
frontend) for operations, but has a number of public endpoints that are used for
interfacing with our customers. The application has been under development for
around five years and is reasonably mature, but has plenty of interesting
development work left. Currently we’re running on AWS, and use gitlab for source
control. Git branches & rebasing are our friends. The modernized Jira is used for
managing sprints.

We’re looking for someone with in-depth experience with Django or Pyramid, as
most of the work will be on improving back-end workflows, working on the data
model and looking at performance. While the occasional JS/Css work may come
up, it will be rare as we have a dedicated front end team.

About You

  • You have managed complex IT delivery projects involving different teams and
    stakeholders, both from a Development and a Project Management point of view
  • You have excellent communication skills and are comfortable being the main point
    of contact with the client
  • You have experience managing a team of junior developers
  • You are a tech guru but also enjoy the business side of what you do
  • You have excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills – a passion for root
    cause analysis and problem resolution
  • You are interested in Financial Technology and financial inclusion as a way to
    improve living standards of lower-income communities
  • You have some start-up experience or mentality at least 
  • English, Arabic a differentiator, all additional languages welcome.

Position Requirements

  • MSc in Computer Sciences or related field
  • 10+ years’ proven working experience with Python and Django
  • Experience people management or mentoring roles welcome
  • Machine learning experience a strong differentiator
  • Manage complex projects and interact internally with product, management and
    engineering teams and externally with different teams and stakeholders at the client
    (from CEO to IT administrator)
  • Analyze, understand and improve existing systems, features and processes
  • Define, design and ship new features as per the business team specifications
  • Ability to work in a fast development environment and quickly adapt to changes
  • Familiarity with continuous integration tools, and agile development methodology,
    as well as version control tools such as git
  • Celery/Pyramid/SQLAlchemy and experience a big plus
  • AWS, or other cloud provider experience
  • Experienced with database application development using Postgresql
  • Vue.js or other single page app experience welcome
  • SCSS/less experience welcome – mostly delivering to mobile
  • Full stack web development
  • Experienced with software design and implementation for Web services using
  • Experience developing high transaction/volume processing applications
  • Messaging Framework/Complex Event Processing

Apply now at

Providing fast, secure solutions

We provide simple and quick integration with legacy back end-systems, resulting in increased sales capability from day one.